Our master group specialized in developing enterprise applications along with cutting-edge technologies and development platforms.

Microsoft .Net

Microsoft .Net is day to day being desirable program used for spending enough time and efforts, used for focusing on clients’ business issues and used for less time wrestling with limitations of technologies itself and this is used by architects, analysts and developers. However, the team of Zeeshsoft specialized in Microsoft.Net is to work and to give better solutions.

ZeeshSoft Software is carrying out solutions when it was at first time of place to public


In the Zeeshsoft, the whole team that work in it has technical ways to handle designing developing and give open-standard infrastructure solutions based on J2EE.

For the building the high enterprise applications, we use technologies, frameworks and patterns which rely on J2EE. In addition to this company, the skilled and trained team of designing and developing handle Java solutions as absolutely of superior grade and from the team, also in return you will acquire the prosperous result if you invest on your present java infrastructure. Further more, offshore outsourcing services is given to you for the better interoperable service-oriented applications, suppose to be worked in heterogeneous environments.


In the order to constitute as business name, Zeeshsoft Software services will assist you in AJAX application. The chances of your business will be more, as if you will be given foreseeing and executives thinking to keep on acting and innovating.

Ajax is simply a technique that remains way to interact web applications. The purpose of doing is that he wants the web page to be known as best in doing sending and receiving some data by means of server and in this way, web pages are not needed to be uploaded the data or what ever. However, this thing is done simply because of the web page’s interactivity, speed, and usability.

The method to use the Ajax is generally combination of XML which is used for for transferring data in return. Also in this any format can be used for it, such as preformatted HTML, plain text, JSON and even EBML