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About Us

ZEESHSOFT is a custom software development company, which laid its foundation back in 2007 in Hyderabad Pakistan with the aim to work along organizations seeking solutions for their IT needs. Established as a cost-effective, reliable and high-end custom software development house providing software designing, development and customization services, ZEESHSOFT undertook many national as well as international IT-based projects. During these years we have created hundreds of successful software for clients from all around the world. With a worldwide spread clientele, ZEESHSOFT Pvt. Ltd. expanded into ZEESHSOFT Group of Companies, extending its business offerings from IT-based services to Non-IT related fields as well, ranging from product and service trade, e-commerce, broadcasting services, etc. Currently, focusing on building strong conjunct relationships with clients. ZEESHSOFT is known for exceeding client expectations with high-quality work and fast delivery turnaround. We work with the core objective of transforming businesses by providing intelligent technical and software solutions. Choosing us means opting for the highest-quality development talent and project managers, ensuring premium software, IT and Non-IT solutions for your organization.


We aim to be the most preferred software solutions company in the entire industry by materializing our customers’ ideas into reality in extraordinary ways.


Enhancing the efficiency of organizations by fuelling their IT requirements. We look out to our clients’ needs and are devoted to their satisfaction. In simple term, give us the opportunity and we will prove it to you.