Frequently Asked Questions

What is ?

Zeeshsoft is a quality-driven, independent, IT service-centric company that provides IT services and solutions. Through our network of recognized service partners, IT professionals and business partners we can provide a responsive and flexible National support offering. We offer a wide range of services and products that meet the requirements of any organization.

 What type of payment modes is available on Zeeshsoft payment page?

Zeeshsoft offers the most suitable online payment methods to our customers across the world in a single, simple integration. You can easily pay via debit and credit cards issued by MasterCard VISA & etc.

Are transactions on Zeeshsoft secure?

Zeeshsoft company is licensed with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS Version 2.0) which reinforces the promise of our security. Our payment system is highly verified by MasterCard and Visa security code, where ever it is suitable. Furthermore, our company is secured using encryption of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which assures that payment information cannot be viewed by unauthorized people, and never sent unencrypted over the internet.

Can International payments be processed?

Yes, all kinds of international payments via VISA and MasterCard can be processed both with and without 3D Secure authentication.

How an applicant/ customer can understand that payment has been made successfully?

First, the applicant fills complete information on and after that click on “PAY NOW”. The payment page is opened after clicking on “PAY NOW” mentioned with different payment options like VISA and MasterCard. An applicant should have to give his/her card details and then go for the “PROCEED” button. Then the applicant sees one of these two options:

  • The transaction is processed with 3D Secure page.
  • 3 D Secure page of the Card issuing page for inputting 3D Secure OTP/ password

The applicant is then redirected towards the page where he/she filled form with a receipt of payment or on the after successful transaction.

What happens if my Bank participates in 3D Secure transaction?

If an applicant is opened with 3D Secure Page asking to enter OTP/password, it means in a 3D secure transaction, a card is issuing Bank Participates. For support, an applicant should have to contact the card issuing Bank if he/she does not have a one-time password/transaction password.

What if a successful page on is not shown after completing the transaction?

After completing the transaction an applicant is usually presented with a successful payment page along with reference number. In case, if he/she did not receive any message after the charge of card account then the applicant must have to contact our support team, call/email us. We will try to be responsive soon but if he/she doesn’t get the details within 6 hours then automatically refund will be initiated to the applicant’s card account after due reconciliation.

How are Refunds processed?

The amount is refunded to an applicant card account if the transaction was failed but the applicant card account is debited more than once. The overall process occurs within seven days after the reconciliation process.

What are the banking charges?

It depends on your bank. Usually, we pay fees of a transaction, but sometimes the policy of customer’s bank is different then ask from your bank, please.

What is the support available for the applicants?

For all the payment related transactions, we provide technical support at 24/6, Tuesday to Sunday.

Can an applicant perform more than one transaction for the same application number registered at

Yes, if a customer wants to purchase our software or service for two users then he can perform more than one transaction for the same application number at our website.

What happens if an applicant fails in all three transaction attempts?

If the applicant fails in all three transaction attempts, then contact our support team, and they will provide you with a new application.

Can charge more than one time for an application ID? 

No, an applicant is charged for only once against an application ID. Within seven days of transactions, all the double/triple debits are refunded after due reconciliation.