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The potential contribution of the software industry to the development of Pakistan

The Software Industry in Pakistan and developing Countries governments should take action to strengthen local software and website production capacities. To design and produced at a local level in Pakistan, they are all the more likely to be well adapted to the context, culture and language of local users. Having the capacity to adopt and adapt existing software and ultimately produce it locally is an economic advantage; these capabilities can also contribute to the development of software exports.

With the spread of mobile technology and internet companies and the improvement of high-speed links, the opportunities for Pakistan and other developing countries to participate in the website design and production of software are increasing throughout the world and in Pakistan also.

Improved access to information and communication technologies (ICTs) and related services, including in the least developed countries (LDCs), increases the possibilities of harnessing ICTs to contribute to development in areas such as health, education, governance, and business creation and development. However, for this improved access to have the desired beneficial effects, the software used to make the goods and services provided functional must be tailored to the needs and capabilities of the users. Well-suited software can, for example, help companies manage their resources better, be more efficient in their search for information and lower their business costs.

The design and production of software can contribute to the structural transformation of countries’ economies – that is, free them from their dependence on low technology-intensive production and too much range. restricted export products. They can also encourage learning, innovation and job creation, especially for young people with skills.

In addition, there are more and more opportunities for software developers in developing countries. Public procurement related to e-government is an important source of domestic demand. The market for mobile applications to improve access to local media and entertainment, utilities, healthcare, business information services and mobile money transfers is growing.

With improved access to high-speed internet, online work (outsourcing, remote work, contract or freelance work) has quickly become a hallmark of the global software website design industry. Many designers and Developers in Pakistan and other developing countries already work in this way. freelance work

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