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The use of your services is totally managed by this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and it is included by the reference into the terms of service of Zeeshsoft and we can change this acceptable usage policy any time without any warning or notice.


1. Prohibited Uses
2. Unacceptable Material
2. Unacceptable Resources Usage
4. Zero Tolerance Spam Policy 
5. Defamation Policy 
1. Prohibited Uses 
6. AUP Violations 

The Service that offers by the Zeeshsoft can be used for only legal purposes. You agree to obey with all appropriate laws, rules and regulations in connection with your use of the Services. Zeeshsoft reserves the right to reject service to any person. Any content that in our decision infringement this AUP in any way it can be detached from our servers or disabled with or without any notice. Customers did not respond the email from our abuse department within the given time then the hosting services of the customer will be terminated temporary or permanently. 

Violation of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Use of any service that violates upon rights of another party intellectual property is strictly not allowed. It includes sharing or illegal copying of photographs, movies, music, books, software or any other copyrighted work. If any account offers or sales fake products, then it will be blocked or terminated according to our AUP POLICY. Any account If Disobey others will be blocked OR disabled according to INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. But if the account is continuously repeating this violation will be suspended or terminated.
  • Please inform us at if you are sure about a violation of your intellectual property rights. Zeeshsoft follows the (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice and takedown procedures for copyright violation claims.

2. Unacceptable material:


a) Unacceptable materials on our servers consist of without restriction:

1) IRC Bots/Scripts
2) Top sites
3) Proxy Anonymizers/ Scripts
4) IRCD (IRC servers)
5) IP Scanners
6) Auto Surf/PTS/PTC/PPC sites
7) Image Hosting Scripts (similar to Photobucket or Tiny pic)
8) Commercial Audio Streaming (more than one or two streams)
9) Bank/ Escrow Debentures
10) File Dump/Mirror Scripts (similar to rapid share)
11) Mail Spam/Bombers Scripts
12) Investment Sites (FOREX, Second Life/Linden Exchange, E-Gold Exchange, 13)MLM/Pyramid Scheme, Ponzi)
14) Brute force Applications/Scripts/Programs
15) High-Yield Interest Programs (HYIP) or Related Sites
16) Gambling/Lottery Sites Tell a Friend Scripts
17) Prime Banks Programs
18) Bitcoin Miners
19) Websites and/or Forums that link or distribute to pirated/ warez /illegal content
20) Prime Banks Programs
21) Sites promoting illegal activities
23) Anonymous or Bulk SMS Gateways
24) Mailer Pro
25) Push-button mail scripts
26) Hacker focused archives/sites programs
27) Bank Debenture/Bank Debentures Trading Programs
28) Streaming or Broadcasting of Live Sporting Events (UFC, FIFA, NASCAR, MLB, NFL, WWE, NBA, WWF, etc.)
29) Distribution or sale of any substance that is controlled without proof of appropriate permit
30) Fraudulent Sites (such as, but not limited to sites listed at and
31) Payday Loan Sites (including, Payday loan affiliate programs, or any site related to Payday loans etc.)



a. You may not:

1) It is recommended to use only twenty-five (25) percent of our system resources for not more than ninety (90) seconds in one time. Over-use may be caused by some of these activities but these are not limited: HTTP scripts, FTP, CGI, PHP, etc.
2) Run standalone and autonomous server processes at any time on the server. This includes all demons like IRCD.
3) You cannot run any kind of Web indexing including Ad Spy/Google cash on shared servers.
4) You may not run any software connected to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network.
5) External torrents can be associated with legal torrents, but they cannot host or store them on our shared servers.
6) You cannot take part in peer-to-peer file sharing activities
7) You cannot run game servers like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Battlefield1942, etc.
8) Cron entries cannot be run with intervals of less than fifteen (15) minutes.
9) MySQL tables must be indexed and all MySQL queries cannot be run for more than fifteen (15) seconds.

10) Include the URL if you use PHP include functions to include a local file. Use “/home/username/public_html/include.php”. or “include.php” instead of
11) Forcing server-side code processing (such as HTML and PHP) to minimize its usage.
12) If https protocol is not required then do not use it. Decryption and encryption of communications are usually more CPU intensive than unencrypted communications.

b) Child Pornography Prohibited

Any kind of Content that is extremely harmful to minors is determined at the sole discretion of our company and is strictly not allowed, including, but not limited to, child pornography which unfortunately considered as a good thing. Our server disables or blocks all the websites containing child pornography or any links related to this without any warning rapidly.

c. Other Prohibited Content:

Zeeshsoft has the right of declining the service to anyone. All kinds of illegal, threatening, obscene and contrary materials will be disabled or removed from our servers either with or without any warning.



If the reseller or shared account will use Inodes more than 250,000 then it will result in a warning. But if reseller didn’t take any notice to reduce the use of excessive inodes then his/her account will be suspended. Any account if exceeds the limit of one hundred thousand (100,000) inodes then it will be automatically removed from our backup system just to avoid overcrowding. For all that, we store all the databases as security at our sole discretion. Only one (1) inode should be present in one file (image file, web page, email, etc.) at a time. If a large number of files are created or deleted by user account on a daily basis, then it will result in file system corruption (containing hundreds of thousands of file) that can be suspended or marked for a review. One of the main reasons for excessive inodes is: Users do not check the mailbox of their primary account and leave the chat address.
To disable or remove the DEFAULT MAILBOX you have to do the following:

 1)First, log in to “cPanel”
 2)Select “MAIL”
 3)Then go for “Default Address”
 4)Set “Default Address”
 5)Type “failed: No User Here”.

4. Zero Tolerance Spam Policy:

a) We adopt a zero-tolerance spam policy against sending mass e-mails, unsolicited e-mails and spam. Purchased lists and Secure lists are treated as spam. The user who sends spam, his/her account will be blocked by us with or without any warning.

b) Those Websites are not hosted on our servers that are advertised by spam. This provision includes, but is not limited to, phone, spam sent by fax, instant messaging, mail, e-mail, or Newsgroups/Usenet. We do not host any organization listed in the ROKSO on our servers. If our IP addresses are blacklisted by any user account, then the account will be terminated or suspended immediately.

c) We have the right to request the deactivation or modification of the Site, the User Account, the components or Database that do not obey our policies and to make such changes in an emergency that we believe necessary to our sole discretion.

d) Zeeshsoft has the right, at its discretion, to charge the owner of the account who sends unsolicited e-mails a cleaning fee.


5. Defamation Policy

All the websites that are hosted on the server of Zeeshsoft UK under UK law are to follow section 230 (c) that relates to the communications’ decency act. Hence, it is not our policy to wipe away the defamatory material from the websites unless it has been defamed, i.e. expelled the court. As a web host, Zeeshsoft is unable to examine the accuracy of individual claims about defamation, and we are not the publisher/reporter of user content. To determine whether the content is defamatory or not, we only rely on the courts and the court systems. If the content is defamatory according to the court’s statement, then we will block that content immediately. Similarly, If UK court issues interim injunctions against certain materials or contents, then we will respect or disable or block access to the material in question.


a) Resellers.
Zeeshsoft will notify the reseller or suspend the site in the event of a breach of this PUA through a reseller customer account so that the reseller can terminate the account. Sometimes Zeeshsoft may monitor the website or account for subsequent violations but it is not obligated. Reseller account will be terminated rapidly in case of any new violation.

b) Direct customers

In case of any violation of this PUA, all of your services will be terminated with or without any warning. If needed, then, violations can also be reported to the law enforcement agency concerned.

c) Our abuse service usually responds within forty-eight (48) hours, if you did not get any response from our team then it indicates that your services are suspended or terminated. All the issues regarding abuse will be handled via email/trouble ticket, and you will get a response within forty-eight (48) hours.

d) If you found any kind of violation against our AUP then please don’t feel hesitate to inform us at