Working from Home you might need 5 essential Software’s in 2020


Working from Home you might need these 5 essential Software's in 2020

Working from Home you might need these 5 essential Software’s in 2020

The 5 best software tools for remote work at home in 2020, Do you need to work out of the office? Even when you work at home, you and your team can be productive with the right software tools.

Homework days (WFH) are becoming more common due to technological advances especially software development companies, web development & Web designing. Today more than ever, workers can telecommute from home on sick days, to care for their families, or to shop.

While the ability to work from home is a great advantage, it is important that you and your team have the right software tools in place to ensure that you can still achieve your goals, even counting WFH days.

This is especially true when unforeseen circumstances prevent you or a member of your team from working in the office for an extended period of time. This can happen to an individual or to entire businesses, as we see with the coronavirus epidemic which we also call COVID-19.

That said, here are the 5 types of software tools you and your team need to be productive while enjoying the benefits of working from home:

Project management
Real-time communication
Team monitoring and management
Remote access
The best software tools for working from home

Project management
When working on multiple projects that involve different actors responsible for separate tasks, it can be difficult to stay organized. Working from home can make it all the more difficult for everyone to organize.

Project management tools allow you to follow project roadmaps in real-time using online dashboards. This means that even if you work remotely, you still know what tasks are assigned to you and what the status of other tasks in the project is.

The main project management tools are ProofHub, Trello, and Workfront.

Real-time communication
The main tools for real-time communication are Slack, Skype and Zoom.

The most popular collaboration tools are Google Drive, Microsoft Teams and Confluence.

Team monitoring and management
It’s for the team leader. If you need the WFH, or if members of your teamwork from home, it is important that you can always make sure that each member of your team is engaged and contributing.

Software tools for monitoring and managing teams include Hubstaff, Officevibe and JotForm.

Remote access software
Have you ever needed to access an important folder or application on your work computer and then be unlucky because you were away from the office?

The remote access tool for working from home is Splashtop Access.
Work productively from home as if you were at the office using your computer in person.

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