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Zeeshsoft Refund Policy

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Upon making a purchase from Zeeshsoft, you will be provided with either a partial or complete refund within a week time. The refund would take place in a bank or the credit card account. In case, if any issue arises during the refund period, customers will be notified on an earlier basis. Where the user subscribes to services from either ACH or E-payment, no refund will be possible due to it being against the bank policy as we at Zeeshsoft accept these manually when no other option is available with the customer.


You will be issued a full or partial refund of your purchase within a week of approval. You will receive the refund in your Bank or Credit Card account. for any reason, Zeeshsoft is unable to issue a refund via your initial payment method the customer will be notified from Zeeshsoft.. If user subscribe to the service from ACH or E-Payment user will not get refund according the bank policy because we accept ACH and E-payment manually as the user don’t have any other option to pay. 

Where Refunds Apply

Our refund offer is only available within a half hour of use and two weeks of purchase and applies to software applications and streaming services on the Zeeshsoft store. Let’s have a review of how refunds work with other kind of purchases.

Refunds on Pre-Purchased Services.

If you have paid in advance for the event or you pre-purchase an event, then according to our refund policy you can request at any time for a refund before starting of that event. Refund period of 14-day/half-hour also applies, starting on the release date of software/event.

For example, a user can get a complete refund if he paid for the streaming service in advance or if the event is after two weeks. Remember, the refund will be provided within two weeks before the start of the event.

Refunds on Downloadable Content (Zeeshsoft store content usable within streaming services or software application,)

Any service or software if purchased from Zeeshsoft store, is refundable within the purchase of fourteen days or if it has been used for less than half-hour since the date of purchase, so long as the data has not been modified, consumed or transferred.  But sometimes it happens that our users did not get the service or software. To overcome this condition, we provide a full refund to our customers at any stage. Remember, if the user has used the service for more than a month regularly, and then request for a refund then we will not provide any refund to that user.

Zeeshsoft Hardware

If you purchased hardware from our store, you can request for a refund within thirty days after delivery for any reason. Within fourteen days after requesting for a refund, you must have to send/transfer/deliver the hardware back to us, following our provided instructions. Return shipping cost is not included in our refund policy; you will have to pay for this.

Fraud Payments

In case, if any user requested fraud payments, we cancel his/her account and refund full payment. Payments are rejected if any problem is detected by our system in payments. Before payments, we track our users through mobile confirmation and IP.

Movies and Recorded Streaming

Zeeshsoft does not offer any refunds for recorded streaming and movies.


Users are not allowed to misbehave with our support team, if they use any abusive language then their account will be suspended temporarily for fourteen days without any refund.



You can easily ask for any query and request for a refund at You can also call us directly at +92-22-2101123 or any Enquiry. If these options are not suitable then just drop a message at our live support system, we will try to be responsive a soon as possible. Our user panel shows an option of refund so that you can also request here for a refund with our live chat representative.