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Digital Marketing

At Zeeshsoft Digital, we put our digital marketing expertise to work for you. All digital disciplines are represented. You can call on our services for all your digital marketing projects.

Assigned Sr. Level Strategist X X
Assigned Strategist X X
Data + Activity Reporting
Consulting X
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Keyword Rank 5 to 10 10 to 20 20 to 30
Link Building on different sites 250 500 800
Content Marketing (No. Of Articles) 4 8 15
Write On-page Content X X
Technical SEO (On-page Optimization)
Full SEO Audits X
SSL Configuration X X
Social Media Promotion
Social Strategy Development Plan
Social Media Posts 22 44 66
Social Media Paid Advertisement 10 Days 20 Days 30 Days
Expected Social Media Likes 2,000 5,000 10,000
Community Engagement (Targeted Groups) 10 20 30
Web Design & Development (one time) * X
Responsive website design X
Responsive website development X
SEO Perspective Coding X
* On-going monthly charge is to keep your website up and running to maintain its ranking
Digital Content & Video
Content Production 4 8 12
Video Promotion 4 8 12
Graphic Design 4 8 12
Multi-language Content (Promotion)


Community Management and Animation of Social Networks

With web writing, community management is the speciality of the Zeeshsoft digital agency ZEESHSOFT Digital. Since our creation, we have supported several clients for the creation and animation of their different profiles on social networks.

We also trained them in social media management methods. Creating a community, developing interactions with their targets, establishing a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Video, Linkedin or Youtube according to their needs is the kind of missions that we particularly like.

Web Writing

The web copywriting is one of the digital marketing services headlights that are offered by the ZEESHSOFT Digital agency. First, we need to understand our project completely to provide a possible response, all this in words. All the difficulty lies in providing quality content and optimized to promote natural referencing.

Writing articles for your blog, writing editorial content for your website, writing vox newsletters, writing your posts for social networks, etc. Zeeshsoft Digital have the experts & expertise to deliver content that are relevant to your web activity and purpose. desired.

Communication Advice and Strategy

With more than 10 years of professional experience in marketing and communication in companies of different sizes – from large groups to start-ups -, Sabine and her team are a reference in the development of strategies

 Available and attentive, ZEESHSOFT Digital knows how to implement an operational and effective communication strategy, taking into account your objectives, your budget, your targets, etc.

Web Design and Graphic Design

Before creating a website, you need to formalize its structure and overall appearance, define a remembered logo, draw the ergonomics of the pages, etc. For any web design and graphic creation mission for your website, our team of external service providers is at your disposal.

Create your image, define your story and your DNA, declare your visual identity on all your communication media, these are the missions of our graphic designers.

Website Creation and Referencing

This is one of the main focusing part of digital marketing services: website creation and SEO.  IT IS Most focusing because of its heart rate of digital marketing. Before, there is the creation of the website, during and after there is the implementation and the daily management of the SEO strategy, natural or paid.

This is why we support all our customers in their first steps towards digitalization. Creation of showcase site or commercial site, we find together the most appropriate solution.

At ZEESHSOFT Digital, we value transparency with our customers. This is to establish a relationship of mutual trust from the start. This is why, not having in-house skills, we choose to call on web design and graphic design experts for all graphic design assignments.

Likewise, for any website creation and natural or paid SEO, we use web developers and SEO / SEA specialists. We work in collaboration with carefully selected external service providers to meet the requirements of your needs.

Using ZEESHSOFT Digital for your project means calling on quality, availability, rigour and efficiency. And all this, with a smile! Contact us for any questions or information about our digital marketing services.

We provide expert services of digital marketing that long-term results to enhance sales, traffic and conversions.

Services We Offered

  •  Social Media Management (SMM)
  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •  Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  •  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  •  Pay Per Click (PPC)
  •  Content Writing
  •  Content Marketing
  •  Email Marketing
  •  Affiliate Marketing
  •  Video Marketing
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